Little Manka

Say hello to the cheerful girl Manka! Born from a watermelon, Manka is a cute little girl who really likes to play. What is her favourite fruit? Watermelon of course. She is very happy when there is a bright sunny day, because it is the right time to eat the refreshing watermelons. This character is created by Timothy Istianto and Viona Paramita on 2014. Manka always share the smile and happiness through comics and other interesting contents in social media.



A trendy young man who lives in Semarang that trying his luck in Jakarta as a parking keeper.


Pocongman is superhero character started from short indie movie. Produced by JTOKU Film, it comes from an idea about the use of alternative energy because fuel is getting scarce,this alternative energy...


Jendral Pavlichenko is a legendary sniper from Russian. With his MOE POWER, Pavlichenko seeks to take his revenge. Despite his fierce and violent looks, Pavlichenko has a warm heart and...