With Moenly power, comes great moenlybility! Jendral Pavlichenko is a legendary sniper from Russian. With his MOE POWER, Pavlichenko seeks to take his revenge. Despite his fierce and violent looks, Pavlichenko has a warm heart and really cares to others. Pavlichenko is a character created by Esa Muhamad Putra in 2010 who always spread the power of MOE in all his comics.



Heru, a superhero from Tasik. Powered with magic costume, he turns into Hebring who’s ready to save the Jakartans while working as motorcycle-taxi driver.


QDJY is a president from a country named REPUBLYQ QDJY in QIOOB Planet. QDJY has the same language as earthlings only with the different kind of writing style. He has...


Pocongman is superhero character started from short indie movie. Produced by JTOKU Film, it comes from an idea about the use of alternative energy because fuel is getting scarce,this alternative energy...