Pocongman is superhero character started from short indie movie. Produced by JTOKU Film, it comes from an idea about the use of alternative energy because fuel is getting scarce,this alternative energy is called phantom energy. the phantom energy must being convert into physical form . So, it can be used in everyday life. The shape and strength of the energy depending on the type of ghost, for example, the ghost fire, Banaspati, can create the fire energy, so the application can be converted into a gas / liquid that can be used for cooking.


Tuti and Friends

Tuti is the super plain, hyperactive, cheerful yet clumsy girl. She always brings a gigantic tooth brush with her and put on her yellow helmet everytime she plays with her...


A trendy young man who lives in Semarang that trying his luck in Jakarta as a parking keeper.

GHOSTY’s Comic

An ensemble of characters consisting of Jaret, Emon, Sultan, Pamans, Kaisar, etc. which are live in “Perkhilafan”