The Secret of Aura

The Secret of Aura brings a fresh fantasy-romance through the story of a ghost girl named Aura who accidentally finds a portal that brings her away from the ghost-realm to the human world. She have always wanted to visit the human world in order to meet someone she once met when she was younger. However, with the rule in ghost-realm that prohibits the ghosts from freely visiting the human world, this might be Aura’s only chance to find that person.

Created by Faza Meonk, Yahya M, Fauzy Zulvikar and Pierre Rangga D. Follow Aura’s journey in finding that one special person from her childhood.



QDJY is the president of a country named REPUBLYQ QDJY in QIOOB Planet. QDJY uses the same language as earthlings, but with a different kind of writing style. He has...

Si Bedil

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Si Juki

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