Tuti and Friends

Tuti is the super plain, hyperactive, cheerful yet clumsy girl. She always brings a gigantic tooth brush with her and put on her yellow helmet everytime she plays with her friends. Tuti really loves to play with her friends and shw likes to befriend with anyone. Nobody knows the truth behind the origin of her gigantic tooth brush. Tuti was created in 2009 and developed for 2 years to get her final forme in 2011. This character is inspired by the kid in a tooth brush TV commercials.


Si Juki

Si Juki is a phenomenal Indonesian comic actor. Whenever deal with every problems, Si Juki always have many unique, creative, and unexpected ideas to solve those problems.


Jendral Pavlichenko is a legendary sniper from Russian. With his MOE POWER, Pavlichenko seeks to take his revenge. Despite his fierce and violent looks, Pavlichenko has a warm heart and...


A shy boy who has a job as a keeper of Internet cafe and also a comic artist.