Watch out for aliens! But…. this alien is not an ordinary alien. Vusya is a cool alien who is also a member of intergalactic space patrol. As a galactic space patrol, Vusya really likes to sing as her hobby. She always brings her microphone rod to sing everywhere and everytime. With his partner Nyonyol, Vusya come to planet Earth to do some missions. Vusya doesn’t only appear in comics but also in television to entertain Earthlings with her song. This character is created by Rurimon.



QDJY is a president from a country named REPUBLYQ QDJY in QIOOB Planet. QDJY has the same language as earthlings only with the different kind of writing style. He has...


A man who was born as “sengklek” man.


Jendral Pavlichenko is a legendary sniper from Russian. With his MOE POWER, Pavlichenko seeks to take his revenge. Despite his fierce and violent looks, Pavlichenko has a warm heart and...