Watch out for aliens! But…. this alien is not an ordinary alien. Vusya is a cool alien who is also a member of intergalactic space patrol. As a galactic space patrol, Vusya really likes to sing as her hobby. She always brings her microphone rod to sing everywhere and everytime. With his partner Nyonyol, Vusya come to planet Earth to do some missions. Vusya doesn’t only appear in comics but also in television to entertain Earthlings with her song. This character is created by Rurimon.


Tuti and Friends

Tuti is the super plain, hyperactive, cheerful yet clumsy girl. She always brings a gigantic tooth brush with her and put on her yellow helmet everytime she plays with her...


Pocongman is superhero character started from short indie movie. Produced by JTOKU Film, it comes from an idea about the use of alternative energy because fuel is getting scarce,this alternative energy...


A man who was born as “sengklek” man.